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OTT content is content streamed via internet services on OTT devices. With Addressable Audience Curation, marketers can easily curate addressable audiences in real-time based on location and demographic data for over 126 MM households across the U.S. OTT does not require users to have a cable connection. OTT (“over-the-top television”): OTT is a catchall term for any kind of television consumption that happens via the internet instead of through traditional broadcast or cable distribution. Addressable TV uses programmatic technology and advanced audience segmentation to deliver specific video ads at a household level in real time. So what exactly is the difference between the two? One of the reasons for this see… Basically, if someone is using the internet to watch it, it’s OTT. What is OTT And CTV Advertising - How does CTV & OTT Work? Addressable TV leverages subscriber registration data and set-top box technologies to apply specific audience segments. Addressable Linear differs from Programmatic Linear TV, for which data is not available at the household level. Report: Marketers Take on the Shift to OTT, CTV, & Addressable TV Download CTV, addressable, and advanced advertising are poised to play a major role in the next wave of growth in the TV advertising ecosystem, with 72% of respondents saying that in two to five years, CTV and other data-driven TV methods of advertising will be critical in reaching brand audiences. The primary reporting metrics are site activity, brand lift and sales. OTT Advertising vs Connected TV Advertising Addressable TV Relies on Broadcast Skippable Ads Limited Targeting Incomplete Analytics As this accelerates, media agencies and advertisers must accept and embrace new advertising technology to reach the right audience. Pay TV is losing millions of subscribers a year as consumers cut the cord and adopt internet-based streaming services. are more and more on their OTT/CTV devices. SHARE. What’s the Difference Between OTT Advertising and Addressable TV Advertising? Until recently, the common understanding of connected TV services was that they were mostly popular with younger cord-cutters and the typical view of addressable TV ad targeting was that it worked mostly at the local level. It's widely known that OTT and addressable TV are systems that deliver ads to consumers with the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. Addressable over-the-top & connected TV Connected TV is simply any TV screen that connects to the internet through an over-the-top (OTT) streaming device like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku or Amazon Firestick or a game console. Addressable TV content is delivered by multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) like Comcast and AT&T DIRECTV to pay TV, cable TV, satellite TV, and on-demand subscribers. Brands are shifting their focus from targeting programs to targeting audiences. Addressable TV and Addressable OTT/CTV advertising capabilities both deliver ads to consumers with the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. Addressable linear TV does not widely support dynamic ad delivery, though specific ads can be sent to specific (addressable) households for granular audience targeting. In the UK, that means digital screen and specifically app viewing environments. DAI enables OTT advertisers to easily change ad creative in linear, live, and video on demand content. Connected TV covers all devices … Connected TV. Advanced TV, what are the differences between OTT, CTV and Addressable TV? As the cord-cutting audiences grow, so will the demand to reach them. According to a recent report, India has a massive TV audience base of 780 million. Advertisers can then filter their addressable audience with over 500 categories of household demographic, political, and economic variables all within’s system and seamlessly execute addressable OTT/CTV campaigns without having to possess first party data or purchase targeting lists from data brokers. Some studies conducted have shown that the user is willing to watch a video ad to continue watching content. While programmatic simply means the ability to buy ads on a platform according to a prearranged formula (similar to ad spend for Google Ads), addressable TV advertising means the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same … 10:33. Our content creators and media partners have built audiences across the major OTT platforms –– Roku, Fire TV, Hulu and Apple TV — In order to develop new audiences and revenue streams. With OTT, transmitted content bypasses a traditional broadcast signal or cable set-top box. Addressable TV also allows advertisers to overlay sophisticated targeting parameters such as household income, ethnicity, if the home owner has children, and if they lease a car. Then, track in-store visits and web-based conversions from targeted users. Our OTT/CTV solution utilizes GPS data to serve ads to individual households based on first-party address lists, custom curated addressable audiences, or behavioral data. Addressable TV refers to the ad inventory available through cable (set-top box) providers, such as Time Warner and Comcast, companies that can present your messages through their linear programming or VOD inventory. That includes people watching TV on their phones, laptops, their gaming systems or on their television sets by way of a streaming device, such as Chromecast and Apple TV. It is not just about the impressions, but Addressable TV provides activations to extend the time spent with the advertiser.Icareus has developed simple yet powerful actication means to guarantee the success of all Addressable TV campaigns. Addressable TV and Addressable OTT/CTV advertising capabilities both deliver ads to consumers with the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. So, what exactly do we mean by this? The common targeting parameters for OTT advertising include: device, demographics, content and category, location, etc., and advanced targeting can include purchase behavior or intent (available through the use of first- and third-party data). While addressable TV is technically a form of programmatic TV (they both use automation to serve TV ads), its household-level and real-time targeting are major distinguishing factors. "The idea here is to move beyond broad demography to go to more exact audiences,” he said. By Jon Lafayette 24 July 2017. Enter’s Addressable Audience Curation tool. May 25, 2017. With the study, Hulu was used, and more than half of the viewers were willing to accept advertisements. ATV: “Addressable TV” The ability to serve different ad content to different audience segments watching the same TV program on IP connected TVs and set top boxes of cable companies or satellite providers, by dynamically inserting an ad based on specific audience targeting in either live, playback, or Video On Demand mode. Yet even cord-cutters are still receptive to commercials. Apart from general Android OTT TV boxes, a few popular examples exist including the ... Television experiences of OTT vs. traditional are very similar as well. With OTT ad revenue set to increase from 45% to 60% over the next decade. Personalized advertisements can be delivered in real time based on the household composition, by means of a combination of audience analysis/clustering and delivery technologies. Addressability, when it comes to advertising, is one of the hottest buzzwords in the market today. Connected TV adoption and viewership has been growing for years and has accelerated substantially due to the COVID-19 crisis. OTT ads do not require a cable connection. An interesting thing to note is, that despite the growing interest in the digital content, TV viewership has seen a rise of whopping 21% among the young audiences, with 224 minutes of daily time spent. It also refers to devices that use a television as a display and can connect to the internet to access content. With OTT ad revenue set to increase from 45% to 60% over the next decade, ad tech pioneers, advertisers, media agencies, and early adopters of OTT advertising can reap its benefits in the near future. Complete the form to request a demo of the platform and see a sample report. OTT and Addressable TV; Other Options To Place Ads; About. What is addressable TV? 2019 should also see linear TV make some interesting technology strides. The rise of OTT & CTV viewership is creating new ways for advertisers to reach their target audience by combining the impactful nature of TV with the precise targeting of digital. The growth of HBB (hybrid broadcast broadband) as a broadcast standard will allow more broadcasters to create addressable TV inventory. Moreover, OTT allows for precise measurement, so implementation is very similar to addressable TV. With OTT and CTV advertising, you can reach viewers that you wouldn’t be able to reach with traditional linear TV. Short for “over the top,” OTT content is video that’s broadcast via the internet. Addressable Media is a leading video distribution, advertising and monetization platform for original and professionally produced premium content. Addressable TV vs. Addressable OTT/CTV. Smart TVs connect natively. It’s the supply of content over an IP stream. “OTT is a term established in the US and until recently, not common in the UK. With Addressable OTT/CTV, consumers can be reached through display, mobile, and OTT/CTV ads—across all devices seen within a household, including both the big and small screen. Consumers today watch more TV than ever – the average household watches nearly eight hours a day – but they’re changing what they watch and how they watch it. This video content is accessible on devices such as a laptop, mobile device, tablet or... 2 - CTV (Connected TV). From Our Founder; News; Contact. She studied marketing and project management at UC Berkeley and proceeded to work in a fast-paced, digital advertising tech startup, with a goal of increasing brand awareness. As we’ve previously discussed, no two neighbors are alike. Increasingly, OTT is being used to augment addressable TV to expand reach, while still using a data-centric approach. 2019 is the year advertising and marketing professionals need to commit to digital. Request A Quote; Ad Platforms - OTT and Addressable TV. As the digital world continues to evolve, it’s important that marketers tap into new advancements in the advertising space so they can successful reach consumers in the time that matters most. Where programmatic is made simple. We can help you and your organization place OTT ads in front of OTT-streaming audiences while helping you drive sales and generate a positive ROI. Ads on addressable TV are typically delivered at the individual household level, through cable, satellite, and IPTV delivery systems and set-top boxes. Matt Kramer, managing director of advanced TV at Omnicom Media Group, said that there has been demand for both linear addressable and addressable OTT after the pandemic impacted budgets across media channels last year. And thanks to’s Addressable OTT/CTV advertising solution, you can tap into a much larger data set for targeting than with Addressable TV, resulting in better precision, greater relevancy and higher ROI. Passionate about digital marketing and having six years of experience in this field, she also started her digital marketing and creative agency, Sociato, based in India. > Connected TV|Connected TV (CTV) is digital content accessed by apps and streamed over smart TVs, mobile, or OTT devices. For any advertising campaign to be successful, you have to reach the people where they’re at. Omnicom Media Group Embraces National Addressable TV Amid OTT Boom: Kramer. TV is changing. That’s where TV came into play — let’s take the principles of data and automa… The user behavior that cable TV providers fear most – cord-cutting – is projected to accelerate over the next five years. OTT. • OTT / Connected TV • Addressable TV • Addressable VOD Viewers stream TV content from the internet using either a smart TV, OTT device/dongle, connected game console or IP set top box that receives signals from the digital video ad server 1 Content is streamed and plays instantly in full-screen, full HD or 4K, and can be ad How addressable has changed. Since OTT content is delivered over the internet to connected TVs with persistent IP addresses, advertisers can target and serve ads to specific households/subscribers with similar precision as digital video, resulting in greater relevance and ROI. Addressable TV is a method to deliver targeted advertising on digital TVs. - Duration: 10:33. Read our interview: What marketers need to know about Programmatic Linear TV advertising. Addressable TV uses programmatic technology and advanced audience segmentation to deliver specific video ads at a household level in real time. Addressable TV is a method of delivering targeted ads to digital TVs that have a cable connection, whereas Addressable OTT/CTV is a method that delivers targeted ads to any device used to stream content via Internet services. IPTV vs OTT: How do Their Video Deliveries Differ? Increase your reach with access to the leading inventory sources, exchanges, devices, and programs. While addressable TV is technically a form of programmatic TV (they both use automation to serve TV ads), its household-level and real-time targeting are major distinguishing factors. These actications are … hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3097608, '1bb52e46-83ee-42d1-851b-8484d6a4cb9a', {"region":"na1"}); Amrita is an inbound marketer. Related: Top Media Strategists and Planners . See “Next Gen TV… When it comes to IPTV vs OTT, they differ in two main ways: their type of network and their type of content. And today, people’s eyeballs are more and more on their OTT/CTV devices. You likely are hearing buzz around Addressable TV capabilities as well as addressable OTT/CTV capabilities. Addressable TV. For media companies and local advertisers looking for an OTT advertising partner with the right expertise and technology that can serve ads to their audiences, ZypMedia delivers the full package. The fact remains, it doesn’t have to be. ZypTV is the programmatic platform for media buyers connecting streaming TV advertisers with their local audiences on OTT and across all video screens. OTT advertising is different from addressable TV advertising. While both IPTV and OTT aim to deliver efficient and optimal streaming services, the means by which they accomplish this are different. OTT content can be accessed without the involvement of a television service provider via any device or app that is used to stream content to a TV or connected device. Addressable TV content is delivered by multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) like Comcast and AT&T DIRECTV to pay TV, cable TV, satellite TV, and on-demand subscribers. More than half (52%) indicated that they don’t mind watching commercials and 47% of cord-shavers also agree. OTT is derived from supplying consumers with TV content over and above the legacy broadcast: analogue and cable. Far too many brand marketers perceive addressable TV as a complicated and lengthy process. That isn’t the case. OTT, or over-the-top, refers to the delivery of video content via the internet. Keynes Digital. OTT, Addressable TV and Audience Targeting Roundtable Recap. 1 - OTT TV (Over The Top). By Chris Bassolino on . Dig in to find out. Planners: OTT, Addressable Bringing New Life to TV Ads. So, what is the difference and why does addressable targeting matter in 2020? Fusing OTT and panel data is the next big step to delivering consistent cross-screen measurement, allowing TV to compete with the tech giants. Advertisers can target individual households using first and third-party data. For addressable TV ads, the targeting options include household demographic data, as well as first- and third-party data combined with a content distributor’s subscriber data in an anonymized match. Examples would include offerings by Comcast, DIRECTV, and Dish. Contact us at to start experiencing the benefits for yourself. With OTT, advertisers have the opportunity for both programmatic advertising and addressable TV advertising. Non-traditional streaming TV is increasingly one of the best strategies for reaching potential voters with targeted marketing. With both, advertisers are able to shift their focus from targeting programs to targeting audiences instead. OTT offers the power of digital advertising combined with an engaging, big screen user experience, without the use of a cable connection. Before we get into the terminology, we thought you might like to have a baseline definition for Connected TV to get you started. As we’ve seen, Addressable OTT/CTV with represents the frontier of precision in 2020. For the advertising industry’s top strategists and media planners, new technology is creating new ways to reach consumers — potentially making TV advertising even more potent. (Addressable TV got the go-ahead from the FCC for local TV stations. While the growing content on the digital medium and the exceptional amount of time spent on internet might give an impression that the audience is moving away from TV content. Connected TV, or CTV, refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available via the normal offering from a cable provider. She is currently the Content Marketing Specialist at ZypMedia. OTT offers Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) delivered instream via VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) ad tag delivery, in a full screen, largely viewable experience. “We wanted to take the principles of data and automation and apply them to TV to find networks, programming and dayparts above the point of diminishing return that a linear TV plan will have and find ‘spots and dots’ that can extend reach,” says Schmidt of Cadreon’s entry into TV. “Anything that can be delivered programmatically, we believe should be. eMarketer estimates that by 2021, over 81 million U.S. consumers will have either cut their cords or never signed up for one in the first place, up 64% from 2018. However, Addressable TV falls far short of what advertisers are able to achieve now with addressable OTT/CTV. Advanced TV is essentially all non-traditional TV. Learn more about the evolving TV landscape and OTT ecosystem by subscribing to our email newsletters. It’s the umbrella term encompassing OTT/ connected TV and addressable TV. This is especially true in the case of’s Addressable OTT/CTV targeting solution, which allows advertisers to combine the impact of TV with the precision of digital targeting and successfully reach the right viewers at the right time. Reach cord-cutting audiences by including OTT in your advertising mix. A smart TV … Location data can be filtered by postal code, city/metro, congressional districts, and more. A data-driven, full service advertising agency delivering the most relevant digital experiences. As the digital world continues to develop and evolve, diversifying your media strategy by adding OTT advertising will help you bring your best advertising game and extend your campaign reach beyond cable subscribers. OTT advertising is much like advertising on TV, but delivered through streaming media on OTT platforms. Joey Lowery Recommended for you. According to ZypMedia’s 2019 survey, 30% of U.S. adults are cord-cutters, who used to watch cable or satellite TV but now watch all content via streaming services, while even more (37%) are cord-shavers who watch both.

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