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After the pretty disastrous home kit, Puma have really pulled something out of the bag here. This is a completely different shade to what they wore on that magical night in Amsterdam and, even though some fans won’t like it, there’s no doubt that Nike have managed to really freshen things up here. Sheffield United have probably done the best they could with adidas’ Condivo template, with a huge injection of white used to freshen things up a bit. While this is a clear throwback to the classic “barcode” shirts of the mid-90s, you’ve got to applaud a brand for freshening up a traditional stripe pattern and delivering a real surprise. Some kind of toothpaste sponsor would genuinely work really well here, especially since the gold W88 logo looks even worse here than on their other kits. Aside from that, though, this shirt looks pretty smart. What do you think of our new home kit? It features a blue splash-art pattern which, as the club describes, was “designed to reflect the diversity, openness, and vigour of Berlin.” The lack of a front sponsor really serves to highlight the club’s crest even further, and an addition of a front sponsor would most certainly take away from the design. While some kits should be applauded for their bravery and creativity, Wolves have been handed something so ugly it makes me want to hunch over a sturdy bucket for a while. Image from Nike. A solid kit, but by no means anything spectacular. Hertha BSC Away. Sitting atop my list is this stunning Borussia Mönchengladbach third kit. The bright “fizzy yellow” brings some character, but sadly this doesn’t quite work when used as the main colour. The graphic continues beautifully onto the back of the shirt, featuring alongside white shoulders, a stylised crest and one of the best fonts you’ll see this season. "Unexpected item in bagging area", indeed. Let’s get cracking, then. The Adidas shirt features AEROREADY technology, which should keep you dry during matchday, but who are you kidding? After making us all wait so long to see them, I was hoping adidas might be serving up some special kits for Fulham. Based on the 60s shirt worn by the likes of Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst, their thinking is certainly in the right place, but this just isn’t as strong as other tributes they’ve made in the past to that iconic shirt. Either way, this is such a clunky design, it looks like it’s been taken straight out of a mid-00s version of Pro Evo, and I reckon we should just move on before I need to find a bucket. Featuring a primarily ‘midnight navy’ graffiti print pattern with various shades of blue incorporated, this design is certainly bold. In fairness, there’s not really a whole lot you can do when you’re stuck with an ugly sponsor like that, and this plain design is obviously a result of the last-minute extension to the Puma deal. This is anything but safe, and it could’ve so easily blown up in Nike’s faces. Well, I guess you learn something new every day. Premier League kit rankings are absolutely one of our favorite things to do each summer. Newcastle’s home kit is as boring as sin, the third kit is unbelievably fun, while the away strip is caught awkwardly in the middle somewhere. League One 2020-21 Kits. The 10 best kits of Serie A 2020-21. With brands becoming a little more experimental in a bid to get their new shirts noticed, it's fair to say this year's designs have been a very mixed bag indeed. Yes, the pattern is pretty cool, but Valencia will be wearing exactly the same thing, and it looks a lot stronger on the Spaniards than it does here. The Best 2020/21 Football Kits . You can’t really go wrong with white sleeves and a gorgeous shade of red, and it’s the use of that insane “Art Deco” pattern which spices up the traditional Arsenal-look. Nothing has really changed here, unfortunately. Although the Eintracht Frankfurt away kit is a Nike template design, shared by Atletico Madrid, this kit is higher on my list than expected because of the stunning collar. 2020/21 SEASON! Sitting atop my list is this stunning Borussia Mönchengladbach third kit. It works perfectly in the detailing of the third kit, but here it just seems a little faded and bland, almost as if they’ve used a yellow felt tip without enough ink left. Let’s start with the positives. Still, at least Puma have come up with something fresh, and the fact that each shirt features a different pattern is definitely a nice touch. The front of this design features a larger, more-subtle red chevron pattern which adds a nice touch, and bumps this shirt up higher on my list. The horrible shoulders take me right back to Southampton’s horrendous kits from last year, and the plain white back is an incredibly strange design choice. From zero to hero. Barcelona’s stylish away kit is perhaps the best jersey in Europe, while Roma and Bayern Munich also continue to deliver stellar kits. Of course, plenty of clubs use templated designs, so that’s not always a complete deal-breaker. SportsJOE. Yes, it’s yet another betting sponsor, but at least it’s one of the more inoffensive logos. Here's our pick of the best astro turf boots and trainers. Southampton third and home Saints' third and home kits, with Sportsbet.io as the new front-of-shirt sponsor for 2020/21, have the sash design to mark the club's … No matter what you think about the lack of blue and white stripes, this is a refreshing change which sends us all right back to the early 1980s. THE BEST KITS IN FIFA 21! This shirt is simple and elegant, and the new Flatex sponsor looks much cleaner than the Postbank boxed eyesore. The fact that the stripes aren’t symmetrical might make your eye twitch a bit, but this a classy Baggies shirt which is more than worth its place in the Premier League. 3. This isn’t terrible, but fans at Molineux are right to expect more. Matching up perfectly with the sponsor logo and club crest, this green colourway comes alongside unique side panels and flashes of bright colour. Let’s make no bones about it, this is the worst football shirt of the season - and I’m not just talking about the Premier League. The black sleeves might not be for everyone, but there’s no question this will look pretty darn bold out on the pitch next season. Roma always gets the best kits and this year is no exception. There have been a few grumblings over the use of teal, which is a little surprising since it’s drawn from the colours of their classic club crest. After last season saw Bayer Leverkusen’s home shirt feature all red, Die Werkself will wear a primarily black shirt at home for the upcoming campaign. Inspired by our city and the landmark where we’ve celebrated our greatest moments.✨, Our 2020/21 @nikefootball home jersey #SGE #OurMoments @indeed pic.twitter.com/giqqDVzP87, — Eintracht Frankfurt (@eintracht_us) July 22, 2020. From Zig Zags to Marble Prints: The 10 Best Football Kits of the 2020/21 Season Featuring Liverpool, Juventus and Barcelona. Last updated on 7 August 2020 7 August 2020. Sitting alongside a brighter shade of red and crisp white details, this is a modern twist on Liverpool’s classic look, and a major hint of what to expect from Nike. More importantly, they've all been bidding to completely outdo each other, leading to designs which make us want to either reach for our wallets or, well, rip our eyes out. Check out our 2020-21 Premier League kit rankings from the shirts released, so far. Tweet. Premier League kits ranked: The best and worst efforts for the new 2020-21 season, as Arsenal crowned fashion champions again i runs the rule over the new Premier League kits from the good … Under Armour had an absolute nightmare with Southampton last year (they actually came bottom of our shirt ranking), but now they’ve served up the best Saints home shirt in years. The hideous sponsor has since been replaced, but even such an ugly logo couldn't stop this from looking very classy indeed. Shudder. It’s fairly inoffensive on the eyes, but so is vanilla ice cream, Gareth Barry and an afternoon episode of Countryfile; three things which happen to be just as plain and boring as this shirt. The design immediately directs your eyes to the sleeves which feature a small red and white chevron pattern. Of course, sometimes there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of vanilla. Considering the boldness of their away shirt, keeping things clean and simple is probably the best route Nike could take, although they’ve still managed to freshen it all up a bit. I like to imagine the design process for this shirt started life as a word cloud with “BDE” at the... 3. Either way, there’s no doubt this is pretty basic stuff from adidas, no matter how excited you are about the club’s promotion. Rankings of 14th and 11th made it look like this was heading for lower mid-table (much like Southampton etc etc), only for a surprise ranking of third to push it into the top … It's kit release season and here are ten of the nicest jerseys that will be worn for the 2020/21 season, feast your eyes upon beauty. Sales on the first day of release for our 2020/21 home kit were 60% higher than the number for last season's shirt! Five-a-side is all about precision, movement, awareness (oh, and looking good). The red stripes feature the shaded Römer battlements, and the collar features the club’s initials, SGE. What made the original so strong is the fact it looked like a classy band of blue and claret, something which is completely lacking here since the hoops are spaced much further apart. Some will call it dull and uninspired, others will call it a simple classic. Sigh. Having said that, it’s not as bad as some have made out, and there’ll definitely be worse kits to come this season. Copyright © 2021 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Recently joined Bundesliga Fanatic as a contributor in 2020 and also cover Major League Soccer for the SB Nation site Brotherly Game. The likes of adidas, Nike, Puma, and countless other kit designers have been busy at work attempting to create jerseys that fans will be dying to get their hands on. Still, this is pretty special. Copyright © 2021 The Footy Club Limited (FOOTY.COM®). The combination of white base color, black collar, and red accents on the sides just works really well for me. Since every brand designing football kits are becoming creative with their designs, it is expected that they come out with a beautiful or terrible design. Best Football Kits of 2020/21 Roma Away. The details on this shirt are incredible, highlighted by the city map on the front and back with the stadium featured directly beneath the badge. They rarely have me reaching for the sick bucket, but every release feels exactly the same as the previous one. Instead, Fulham are going to abuse our eyes by making 10 outfield players wear this, leaving us to scratch our heads as to how a shirt can be so bland and so ugly at the same time. On each design, however, the sponsor has apparently embarked on a mission to get as high up on the shirt as possible, and quite literally needs to be taken down a peg or two. 9. Taking inspiration from the mosaics of Manchester’s Northern Quarter was actually a really promising idea, but the end result has sadly become a little cheap and tacky. It's kit season, baby! There’s not really much they can do about that god awful Chevrolet logo, but it’s fair to say that adidas have massively underwhelmed over the past few seasons. Apart from a twist on the sleeve colour and cuffs, Umbro probably won’t be winning many prizes for originality here, but I guess there's nothing wrong with sticking to tradition every now and then. The 2020/21 football season is now well underway, and as usual, clubs have now released their fresh new home, away and third kits for the new season. It just looks like a mug you’ve dropped and tried to glue back together. Right, who’s ready for some Bielsa Ball, then? From Barilla to Qatar Airways, we’re picking out some of our favourite ever Giallorossi designs. This isn’t as strong as last season’s outstanding home shirt, but it’s a much jazzier sequel which offers something completely different. We Ranked 20 of the 2020/21 Season's Best Football Kits Liverpool. The purpose of a change kit is to combat any potential colour clashes, and I’m not entirely sure this pink shirt does that. You can order your Adidas Real Madrid 2020/21 home and away shit here. The bright colours work well with the dark blue accents, and I guess the word to describe it would be “solid”. Liverpool, Man City & Roma: The 10 best kits ahead of the 2020/21 season have been ranked. The subtle pinstripes and textured body polish the whole thing off rather nicely, not least because they aren’t sat behind last season’s ugly W88 sponsor. Look behind that, however, and you can just about make out a deceptively smart football shirt, which is obviously much simpler than the chaotic patterns used last season. Nike’s first-ever Liverpool home kit is a little bit safe, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m unsure whether Cazoo are a manufacturer of annoying whistles, delicious milkshakes or (most likely) something completely different, but the white text of the sponsor sits nicely beside that subtle stripe graphic - which is inspired by the club’s famous Z-Cars anthem. Sadly, it’s not. Throw in a One2One sponsor and we’d be right back in the 1990s. Following the trend of the other Nike ‘Elite’ teams, RB Leipzig’s third kit is inspired by Nike Air Max 98 designs and is unbelievable. You probably just won’t believe how cheap these shirts are…. Bringing in some gold detailing and tidy trim, adidas have modernised the famous blue and green stripes of 1994-96. Here is my ranking of the top ten 2020—21 Bundesliga Kits: Have you ordered your 2020/21 home kit yet? It also happens to be the best Liverpool shirt we’ve seen in years. Make sure to check back and see how your club stacks up in the final table! Our new home kit https://t.co/fZC8DXoJzu#UpTheMainz pic.twitter.com/SMlRJl8bgJ, — Mainz 05 English (@Mainz05en) July 31, 2020. Oh, yes. This may not be a shirt to remember for years to come, but it is clean and elegant and one that will be underrated for most. To be honest, I can’t really find a fault here. Leicester’s new home shirt is sadly a whole load of “meh”. For those football shirt-enthused fans, it is often the look of the shirt, as well as the performance of the team that they look back on fondly. A solid start to a really exciting partnership. The combination of white, red and blue does deliver a sort of Captain America-themed freshness, but there’s simply no saving a shirt from that ridiculous template. There’s been all kinds of hype around the Nike x Liverpool partnership. The subtle diagonal graphic and side stripes work quite well, but there really isn’t much to get too excited about at all. Red stripes feature alongside sky blue trim and logos, while the silicone club crest is an absolute work of art. It wouldn't be a list of the best FUT kits without a mention for Kaizer Chiefs. The sponsor is clearly a terrible mess, but I guess this would have looked even worse with last season’s ManBetX logo. Some might say this is beautifully simple and to the point, while others might call it a little boring and uninventive. It's a scandal that they are considered a fringe manufacturer when it comes to football kits and not leading the way. Okay, so it might be a little later than usual, but the booming hype is definitely exactly the same. Help the kids stay street-smart and find them the best football shoes for playing on concrete ground. It’s bold, fresh, fun and signals a very exciting future ahead with Nike. 2020—21 is the first year of the Kappa era in Mainz and it starts off with a bold design for the home kit. It gets the job done, but without offering anything to really get excited about. Eintracht Frankfurt’s 2020-21 Home design brings back the classic black and red vertical stripes design with some really nice details that set this design apart from years past. — Eintracht Frankfurt (@eintracht_us) August 4, 2020. Basically, this is a fairly classy yin to last season’s more adventurous yang. You might think it looks like a bloody crime scene, you might think it’s a marble masterpiece, but absolutely everyone can agree that it’s different. Share. Yep, that giant 3 is definitely gonna take some getting used to. Is History Repeating Itself at Hamburger SV? All Rights Reserved. There is a special time of the year each season, often right before the transfer window opens, when clubs across the world engage in expensive, dramatic, and sometimes controversial media campaigns revealing their new kits for the upcoming season. Pin. 6 Shares. I’ll say it once again, just to reiterate: “meh”. Oh, dear. Naturally, there’s only one thing you can do in a situation like this. There’s literally nothing to raise an eyebrow at here, but it feels like the perfect way to mark their return to the top-flight. 10 of the best football kit releases and leaks for 2020/21. Borussia Mönchengladbach Third. Liverpool - 2020/21 Away. It just works perfectly with that swirling, abstract pattern, a design inspired by the Shankly Gates and giving us something we’ve simply never seen before. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Hummel make the best kits. READ | Our ranking of the best 2020-21 Championship home kits. The traditional Crystal Palace colours usually work really well together, but this horrendous template makes the whole thing look far too blue. I’m definitely more of a Colgate kinda guy. Just like last season, however, it’s impossible not to notice the impact of that ManBetX sponsor, a logo which is up there with the ugliest of all-time. Although I don’t like this as much as last year’s away strip, it’s fantastic to see the classic amber and blue colours coming back once again. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter where you can find more of my work @jtfisher34, The Winners and Losers of Bundesliga Matchday 25, Five Questions Ahead of Bundesliga Matchday 25. When you mix this up with some gorgeous bronze logos, you’ve finally created something classy enough for Kevin De Bruyne. Although it uses the same terrible template, Crystal Palace’s away shirt looks slightly less offensive than the home, possibly because it looks like an elaborate tribute to Aquafresh. You could say it looks like the bottom of a swimming pool, you could joke about their “cracked” relationship with UEFA, but the key factor is that it’s just not a nice-looking football shirt. The less said about this the better, really. It’s actually that bad it could potentially turn into a cult classic in future, especially if Mourinho manages to deliver a trophy next season. I wish I was exaggerating. Possibly one for any self-service checkout enthusiasts out there, I’m a really big fan of West Brom’s new home shirt. This is pretty bad. Either way, this would definitely fall under the “vanilla ice cream” section of the supermarket, since there’s absolutely nothing to get too excited (or overly annoyed) about. It probably won’t make any jaws drop, but this is a classy effort which would rank a lot higher if it were sponsorless. You’re here for that wonderful mixed blue contrasted with red and white detailing. After all, a bright shade of yellow and boring template are often the hallmark of a bang average keeper kit. West Brom are one of the few clubs which boast truly iconic away colours. Nike 2020/21 National Team Kits: Ranked From Worst to Best Smaller Nations Shine in Our Ranking of Nike’s New National Team Kits 2020-09-01 16:36 in Uncategorized Words By Fabian Gorsler Next season’s Premier League kits have finally landed. There’s not really anything to get too excited or offended by here, but it’s probably the best home shirt Fulham have had in a good few years now. Instead, they’re following Everton’s lead and featuring Cazoo’s relatively inoffensive logo, and Kappa have done a fantastic job of freshening up a traditional design. When you throw in the broken stripes (which are criminal) and the ugly shoulder block (also criminal), then you’ve got something which barely even looks like a Palace shirt at all. It’s just such a massive shame that the pinstripes are interrupted by the American Express logo, and an even bigger shame that they don’t continue onto the back of the shirt. Those hopes were obviously dashed as soon as this awful away shirt was released, although I did have to double-check this wasn’t actually their goalkeeper strip, since that would’ve made a lot more sense. While this is my favorite colorway and pattern of any of the kits on this list, there is a notable lack of any design elements inspired by the club or its culture itself which knocks this shirt down to #5 on my list. However, the pressure of delivering top-notch designs every […] Registered company number 09366389. This is really smart. This unique pattern, when combined with the orange crest and accents, creates a colorway that is one of my favorites in recent memory. It’s not a bad look at all. After monitoring all kinds of leaks over the past few months, almost all of next year’s shirts have now been released (just waiting on you, Burnley). Sadly for Leicester fans, the word “meh” pretty much sums up their away kit, too. #DieFohlen pic.twitter.com/W0D0Txvp4H. Pretty much every great Leeds away kit is yellow and blue, a tradition which many fans would’ve liked to continue on their Premier League return. Introducing our new @ChampionsLeague shirt for the 2020/21 season by @nikefootball! There’s some really lovely detailing and it certainly doesn’t sit at the “ugly” table, but it’s all just a little disappointing overall - especially when you see the great work being done for Arsenal lately. (Image credit: Adidas) Real Madrid will sport a pastel salmon shade on the road during the 2020/21 season. The “rocky road” stuff is much higher up in this list. I’m not even completely sure where to start, since pretty much everything about this shirt is a complete disaster. The internet’s been full of fan-made concepts and bizarre “leaks”, but I honestly think this outrageous shirt surpasses anything we could have expected. The pixelated stripes are pretty cool, the cuffs are chunky, and I’m a bit jealous of David McGoldrick’s beard. Aston Villa are going back to black, and it once again looks pretty damn smart. Just like last season, Manchester City will be hitting the road in a sleek shade of black, but this time it’s complemented by sharp copper details and a shirt pattern for the ages. It’s been a while since this was released, and I still haven’t quite made up my mind about it. Even after their Champions League exploits back in 2018/19, it’s still surprising to see Spurs opt for a green away shirt. While the special edition shirt, featuring “Unzähmbar – seit 1900” (Indomitable – since 1900) is no longer available; Mönchengladbach revealed the updated design featuring new sponsor Flatex, which is just as appealing. It rounds off a really strong double-act, delivering the kind of strong one-two punch which might have you feeling a little dazed afterwards - particularly if you stare at those bright colours for too long. In fact, their red-on-white third kit is even better, so it’s a shame it doesn’t qualify for this list of home and away shirts. Strangely, the logos and club badge sit a little too high up for my liking, but it’s worth noting that the detail on the crest is absolutely fantastic. Reactions to the launch have been clear: either you love it or hate it. ️ https://t.co/waLZO7ydx8 #hahohe #footballismore pic.twitter.com/IG44jUEdkf, — Hertha Berlin (@HerthaBSC_EN) July 24, 2020. Although the kit releases have been happening later than usual, the hype around each launch is still the same. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Hummel make the best kits. Our jersey – make it yours! Liverpool. Crystal Palace. Inter continues their hot streak of excellent kits with this year’s home top. 1 – Sheffield United: Absolutely stunning design. It’s that time of the year again. ⚠️ HIGH VOLTAGE: BU⚡️⚡️ WITH BVB pic.twitter.com/fPZNyoTQvU, — Borussia Dortmund (@BlackYellow) July 1, 2020. Now it looks like they’re either framing their Betway sponsor or acknowledging the huge gaps often found in their defence. It's actually their first yellow away strip since 2013/14, but this time it’s all wrapped up in some rather lovely hummel packaging. Although many have linked it to Joy Division, this pattern is apparently inspired by the public transport used by the club’s away fans - and, yes, they get bonus points for modelling this shirt on a damn bus. The Borussia Dortmund home jersey has been one of the most polarizing shirts in football since pictures were first leaked. , Available to order now in the @redbullshop ➡️ https://t.co/7pP8dJsUAY, ⚪ #DieRotenBullen #StandOutNeverListen pic.twitter.com/st0muGuv1I, — RB Leipzig English (@RBLeipzig_EN) September 7, 2020. However, since they play in red and white at home, it’s precisely this use of pink which makes it all a little strange. Featuring a monochromatic badge, and the infamous Jako design on the sleeves, this shirt is classy, albeit a bit boring which is why I have it at the bottom of my list. 11 best non-league kits of 2020/21. It might not have jaws dropping to floors, but the dark blue trim, bespoke details and subtle herringbone knit are enough to set this apart from some of the rest. Best Premier League kits 2020/21: every shirt ranked 1. Ranking the Best of the 2020—21 Bundesliga Kits 1. We’re ranking every single home and away kit of the 2020/21 Premier League season, from the vomit-inducing worst to the heart-fluttering best. Colors, patterns and designs: the best jerseys for next season. There’s almost a kinda Aztec (as well as Castlefield) vibe to this, and it’s a huge relief to see this incredible pattern carry on to the back of the shirt. 10 of the Best Football Kits for 2020/21 That You Might Have Missed 1. Although the departure from traditional stripes will probably trigger a few fans, Brighton’s new home kit is sharp enough to split a hair on Aaron Mooy's glistening head. Inspired by... 2. I think a little round of applause might be in order. I personally enjoy the use of the lightning-styled design and am glad to see some creativity from Puma after the fairly straight-forward and boring kits from last season. Will Robert Lewandowski Crack the 40-Goal Record. It’s unlike anything else you’ll see this season, even if it leaves itself open for some really obviously raspberry ripple-themed jokes. You might think it looks like every other Burnley kit you’ve ever seen, but the unique collar and sleeve pattern help Umbro freshen up a traditional look. Overall, a really nice design which complements the away and third aesthetics incredibly well to create a collection of well thought-out kits. Check out all Nike 2020-21 kits as well as many more historic football shirts from various top teams in the Football Kit Archive. Adidas Football. There’s even a trophy involved! However, this kit has also sparked an elaborate game of spot-the-difference, since it looks incredibly similar to the home shirt worn in 2015-16. This is probably the greatest comeback since, well, Ralph Hasenhüttl and that 9-0 defeat. Yikes. Not only does the dark shade of blue look pretty damn smart, but it’s actually based on the same colour used on their socks up until 1950. This is a bit of a mess. Having Hector Bellerin show it off probably helps. Let’s be honest, the most notable thing about this is the Premier League badge sitting (at long last) on the arm. Simple and striking at the same time. Either way, the smart collar, cuffs and lovely tweak to the club badge aren’t enough to stop this fading into average mediocrity. So used to regular... Juventus away. After last season’s smokey design, Puma have used a more modern diamond design, inspired by a nearby hotel facade. It doesn’t come close to their effort from 1993/94. The colours suit Adam Lallana, too. Instead, their new away shirt is inspired by a very different classic, something which soon has us screaming “YeboAAAAH!” at the very top of our lungs. pic.twitter.com/cMVHRQi4r7, — Bayer 04 Leverkusen (@bayer04_en) July 2, 2020. In 2020, the Premier League news in August is kits releases and transfer rumours. This is sensational, magnificent and just about every other superlative you can think of. Similar to the away design, the club crest, Nike swoop, and main sponsor logo are all monochromatic, which serves to make them pop off the shirt, especially the Eintracht eagle crest.

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