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I maybe #2, but you know the frog #2 was the one who survived (Two Frogs in the Milk). Me and this girl have been really good friends for a while (We're both High School students as well), and we talk all the time. Slowly increase the texting. Like Dislike. Alesa Esmond-December 8, 2017. She'd text me in the mornings, and send me snapchats all day, more than 70 texts and a ton more snap chats, and just always seem to love my company. I'm no match to the other guy in terms of the looks, but I have a good, high paying job. If you come to a point where you just can't stand it anymore because your feelings are not being reciprocated, I think it's okay to take a break from each other and tell her that, because it's not easy when you have feelings for someone and you're not really getting them back. Note 3: these actions are atypical, she didn’t text me like that before, or at least she didn’t seem so excited or responded just to be polite. Be consistent. Looking for online definition of SHE or what SHE stands for? All the signs that had been stated above is true. She's asked if I've ever been in love with anyone (My response was no because I've never been in a relationship), she teases me about never having a first kiss and stuff like that (Which I haven't), but before these 2 weeks, when she knew I liked her, and she knows I still do I assume, she told me she didn't feel the same and didn't really want a relationship like that with me. I don't think getting involved with someone who is married is ever clean cut. If she's sending you pictures of herself, that's even better. He ended up liking the puppy text, by the way. Thank you for your time and for making the article! situation like this has happened before, but there's too many of them to type without getting carpal tunnel syndrome, so this story will have to suffice. If she is using the heart emoji very rare and only to special people yeah, then it is a very very good sign. She also played a game with me and I won and we texted a TON of emojis. or she just wants to be my friend? We've talked about many personal things, including past relationships. Hi ive been talking lately to my childhood friend that came back after 10 years or so and i initiated the contact and most of the time she would have a smily emoji in her messages and she sent me a picture of her in the couch smiling to the camera. The last is 2 years older than her but she says she is not interested in him, she just likes him because he is like her in the work. I am a girl and I feel called out because I do most of them. Ask her questions. I didn't replied and the next day she sent me more pictures of the place and one of her. I really like this girl, but has a boyfriend. A couple of days later I text her apologising for being a bit off with her at the training night, she said that she hadn't noticed but still hadn't worked out what I meant we should have a chat about, Me: I meant we should probably have a chat about how we feel about each other. Thank you for the feedback! Charming. She is fine going to your place alone. If she sends pictures of herself to you: yeah, she likes you. She wasn't angry at this, rather consoling me that I shouldn't apologize and not feel bad, and told me that it's OK, and relax. I called her and asked her out again and she said it was very difficult for her on this week. Anyway, we met oddly enough by me telling her I liked her, I knew she was dating the other guy but I honestly I could not hold back anymore.. If she doesn't text back at all after several days, that's a big bad sign. If you like her. . So, longer texts, well-written texts, proper spelling: those are all good signs. Andrea is a freelance writer. He Always Tells Her Directly To Chat. Timing and context are all important when figuring out text messages. You do need to relax. I'm going for this :D, Friendzoned, or she could change her mind. After all, there's more to text messages than the words themselves. Keeping me around when things in her marriage get boring or rocky? Noto 4: I used to text her like every week and then I stopped because she went cold. If she text you when she is gone for a weekend and you are not in a relationship, what that does mean? Romantic. She tells me all of her problems and she feels like I’m the only one that could help her and I do. I think you guys have a strong enough friendship that you can talk to her and tell her that you do have feelings for her, and that it is okay if she does not, whether she ever does or eventually does.... you are there for her. If my crush uses bad grammar on purpose to be funny and she does it with everyone, what does that mean? So she didn’t text back. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on October 28, 2019: This may just be the way she communicates with messages -- she takes her time and likely is doing several things at once. On the texting, last week she was very responsive, sending many mesages to my questions, even with some gaps between her messages (she texted me twice, then waited 10 minutes and texted me again). And the other instance i was in class and she was teasing me and sent me a picture of her bed saying its comfertable while im in class busting my ass haha does she like me? Well, you should try that first. If she texts all your guy friends a whole lot, then she is either a big texter, or is hoping one of you will get the hint. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on March 02, 2018: What kind of pictures? I have been introduced to the family, friends and the kids at various times since i have known her. If she responds after 30min/1hour that she saw the message? Sometimes this is what women are really feeling and they try to tone it down so you won't run away. But mhm really isn't an acronym at all. Do you think I am mis-reading that she has some sort of attraction towards me? Often, the amount a girl texts you is even more important than what she's actually texting. If her texts become less excited, she may find the relationship less exciting. If someone takes “too long” to reply, you might think they’re not interested. Entertaining. She continuously sends me mixed signs. does she likes me? Anonymous. She cares about you and about what you think of her. How should I take this, and how should I react? If she is greeting you in another language she may be trying to shake things up and make it more interesting. If she texts late at night, and it's not a booty call, she likes you. The voice of Trine students since 1934. If the girl you like is sending you pictures, that's a great sign. Its more random rather than something usual, always after I wish her a nice trip or starting a conversation. Tiffany. It is almost like asking a question; she wants further explanation. Length, syntax, even punctuation can be an indicator of whether a girl likes you. So I texted the first girl to make sure she had an open schedule and she said her friend spoke for her and she was busy(so the second girl basically lied). Does she like me or not? She's never been one to send emojis to me or anyone in the past, but during these two weeks, she's sent a lot and sent a few heart emojis too. Does that mean she likes me? If she has lots of pictures with everyone, then this isn't as accurate. 43308. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 16, 2017: Sounds flirtatious. The exclamation mark has a very important meaning. Cringe meaning. Seriously, once I texted a guy about puppies that I saw from my car. I told her to know that i'd miss my own graduation for it. I can't say something nice to a friend? If she initiates some sort of texting game with you, she may be trying to gauge your interest and figure you out. She sends you pictures, either of things that she thinks are funny or cute or pictures of herself. She replies faster than a bodybuilder who got a text from a hottie saying she’s home alone… after he just downed a cocktail of steroids and viagra. Cringe has two meanings. I think she is very confussed since her breakup. That's when we really started talking (over text).. She opened up to me as if we'd known each other for years, telling me more personal and trusting stories and telling me what's going on in her life. I like this one girl and she responds usually instant or with a small break. Happy, fun texting is a good indication of relationship health. Please flick yourself if you … However over the past week she seemed to initiate a lot of the conversations and sometimes messages me telling me to have a great day. They want responses so they can feel confident about your interest, and they want to figure out if you're right for them without being too obvious. She wants to be around you, and to be there for you if you need it. The term haha usually means that she no longer wants to chat any further than she already has. Try to get to know her more. I usually don't recommend it and try to push people to find something else that's better suited and gives you everything you really want. So im wondering if she likes me and how do i find out if she likes me. … Watch your own patience. She will have an assortment of nicknames for you. She wants to send a positive message. If she texts you to try to meet up with you, she's trying to create a connection and see how you're doing. 9 years ago. The girl I like, I asked her if she wanted to hang out more and she repied “I mean it what ever happens happens”. It seems it provoked an angry response from her, but she continued to talk to you -- and for hours. In the last six months we have started spending more time together again, going for walks or out for coffee and trampolining, never as dates, just as friends. She calls me when she is going to work, at work and going home from work. I think shes single and shes also my friend. I actually reply to her in a very normal way, like no emojis, i take some hours or days to reply (i dont reply when i am at work). The use of a full stop in the sentence represents the end of the conversation in the message. Even when I text her very plain. She literally means just friends, in the friend-zone. Reply. And i told her I was looking back through our messages and there were a few times when i din't listento here i just was ranting about some other crap. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 22, 2017: Sounds like early stages of a romance. She just wanted to say ok, but did not want it to sound mean, so she added lol. Contact her for work. Do you know what one of the biggest questions men have regarding dating? ... (TBH full form) on Facebook, Instagram, Texting. You might be wondering why I need your advice after that but when I next saw her we were at a first aid training meeting (we're both in a group similar to Saint John's Ambo) so I spoke to her before she left saying that we should probably have a chat at some point soon, she asked what about. By the way, sorry if there's a mistake on what I wrote, English is not my first language. what does ;v; mean? If she communicates a lot with you in other written mediums, social networks, and emails, she likes you. OR "I'm washing my hair tonight." She changed her PP to one where she uses my earrings, just after I told her I wanted her to be my model. How this ties into your text article. If she sends me photos of her and her pets, could that mean she likes me? Lately she’s been texting me more than usual, she’s the one initiating the conversation and responds quite fast, although she stops repliying if I try to keep the conversation going. If she doesn't text you the day of her birthday or a few days after, you screwed up. But basically, we started texting again. What does xx mean at the end of a text message? Sending pictures is pretty flirtatious. Be open minded, say you are willing to learn, and the last thing you want to do is hurt her feelings. I guess i have been spamming her but she said today she will text me later but i havent had any word from her. Or did she do it just to inform me she doesn't like it and still likes me? We usually use snapchat but do text sometimes. (she is so indecisive, its unbelievable) i said no problem, just text me a bit before the singing and ican go to someplace quiet and can then video call her. If you receive a message with more than ONE nickname, she likes you. Maybe you spoke on the phone after meeting each other. It is her way of saying, “This conversation is ending, so come up with a new one or end it.”. Then you are the equivalent of dirt. That could have hurt her feelings. Keep it positive and loving, and you never know what might end up happening. Everything I've researched adds up she definitely like me. If you're a guy, it can be tough to figure out what a girl really means. And a few days later I texted her again asking if she she could fish next weekend and she said she thinks she can and said the first girl I asked was free to. late night calls until 2am. She knows 1am is a strange time, and would have to really trust and think you're safe if she is doing so if it's not overt. So do you know what i should do. For example, "Do you like bowling?" If she sends you a nice text after you have had a breakup with someone else, consider this a sign of careful interest. If she texts you back with a picture of something you gave her with smiley faces, she's trying to affirm that she likes you back, and she appreciates your gift. Then i told her that i found out i couldn't come, that i was mad, i explained why, but still told her i'm getting her a present still, that is going to be definite! I invited her to an evet and accepted to go with me. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 01, 2017: I'll try my best here to help you out. Are you trying to upgrade your interactions from social media to real life hanging out? A C. Lv 5. Salt Bae is, definitively, extra.. Girls will consistently text if they like you. Can i say that my besty likes me or love me. Keep the connection going, stay positive, be friendly. She was happy about that and i told her i could just vid chat, or send a prerecorded message. 1 decade ago. We met like 2 times and she was sending me clear signals she liked me. One of my friends asked her out and she said no she likes someone else. I asked the name of her company and sent me a photo of her wearing a backpack with her company's name on it. A one word response from a woman is frowned upon. This symbol indicates the finality of the statement. If she texts you a compliment, she might be thinking of you and missing you. Instead, she's checking in on you to see how you're doing and see if she can do something about it. she sent me over a hundred with a lot of laughing faces. In the party she continuously talked about me with her friends (male and female), she also told me to pay attention to a song I shared with her while it was playing, and changed her earring for the ones I gave her. Start with more fun-loving questions and work your way to more meaningful questions. She invited me to her prom party and to hang out with her friends, but treats me different to them (she is more touchy with them, has more confidence) and she was ashamed (and pointed at me) when one of her friends said something about her. Sometimes girls are busy. I have no short-term goals with this girl. Most of the times I initiate conversation and very few she starts. This kind of focus will help you navigate through this tough situation. I was really saying "I WISH YOU COULD BE HERE AND SEE THESE CUTE PUPPIES BECAUSE I LIKE PUPPIES AND I LIKE YOU AND YOU'RE CUTE!" We haven't seen each other for 1,5 month because of the summer holidays but we kept on texting (it became less frequent and intense than in the beginning but it's still at least once a day). How often does she text you? Try to respect that vulnerability and act worthy of her trust. Two days after her party she liked all my FB statuses of the past month. If she is asking for directions or something basic, she is probably only asking for directions. You should keep talking with her, try flirting a little more. I think she really liked the earrings. The last one (and also the worst) she tried to pair me with a girl she didn't know in a bar. Her: Oh I see.. Well before we make this really awkward just know I really see you as just a very good friend whom I can trust and rely on. The "seen" part of messages shouldn't be trusted as it isn't always accurate. He texts me everyday and most of the time i will be the one who starts the conversation. Is she into me or not we've hung out and everything am I in the friend zone? So i was going to go fishing with a girl but I found out from my friend that she wasn't aloud to date but she sent me a text saying her friend wanted to fish with me. But then why he is not proposing me or telling that he likes me? If she answers with smiley faces, such as ":)" "XD" or the one laughing with tears to your flirting texts? Note 2: she used to cancel every time y asked her out and didn’t proposed any other day. Now, coming to your question. We would both vent to each other, she has her boyfriend issues, i have abuse issues, were like personal counselors she said. Jai September 19, 2012 at 12:22 pm. Hello, Mr. Manoj, thank you for your request. So I texted her friend for confirmation and she said yes but she wanted her friend to come with. Last week she sent me a picture out of the blue of a building in which I used to work, telling me she was nearby one week before and making a joke about it. I invited her to the movies once and to hang out another (about 4 months ago) and she went those times.She even texted me saying she enjoyed those, but after that she always have another plan. It is up to you to start a new one. What do you think? play a big part in the lyrics. I’m done. If she sends pictures with her face and she wants to show you her outfit, such as for school or work, she likes you in a a serious way and wants your opinion. If someone usually texts back fast, they probably like you. If you are getting a lot of texts in a week, month, year, two years—try thinking about all of it together. Time of day, frequency, and occasion can all be important clues as to how much a girl likes you. I looked up her profile, she is beautiful no doubt about it, but the thing that was more important was her personality. I'm at uni and she is friends with my flat mate, turns out I'm going to be living with her next year in accommodation. So I apologized rather dramatically (nothing fake), and told her that I would stay away from her for a while, because it became a little awkward. (in 8 days it will be a year) She talks to me whenever she breaks up with her boyfriend, and i give her advice. Note 1: she may or may not have a boyfriend, last time I saw her she told me she might be in a relationship but she wasn’t sure. Then school came in, I learned she was in my homeroom, but so was her boyfriend... She didn't have any of my other classes with me either so it was pretty much just homeroom or 9th period. If she leaves it at ambiguous "busy" she's probably trying to be nice about letting you down, or is completely booked (either way, it's better to leave the ball in her court.). It was really fast paced, but I kept feeling like I had shackles around my legs and I wanted to tell her she's cute and pretty and flirt but.. you could probably take a stab at why I don't... We didn't talk much in person because of no classes together and her being with her bf at 9th and having different friends and stuff.. but then we started talking at 9th, even when her bf was there.. he played it off as if I'm just her friend.. We'd talk about deep stuff and happy stuff and funny stuff and just about everything you can think we could talk about without getting really personal or flirty. And here were at present day. This is the MOTHER of all signals. Don't waste it on someone who can't really be there for you. We chat every day almost and on-off all day especially at night. Help me out on this one. I've been friend with a girl I like for 7 years. She then of course said Thanks bestie followed by hearts. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 13, 2017: I think you should move on. Even if the relationship is leveling out, encourage her crazy texting. I regret two things, I didn’t save the pictures and I didn’t compliment how beautiful she looked. If she uses it frequently to all kinds of people. 30 minutes to an hour... is a good turn around time. Over the last couple of weeks I have come to find that I have quite strong feelings for her but I am unsure of how to proceed or whether it is even something that I should follow up on? If she sends you a text with the worst grammar you have ever seen, bad spelling, no real thought: either she doesn't care or is drunk. Or why I can't use a lot of emojis with just friends? If she texts you to try to meet up with you, she's trying to create a connection and see how you're doing. All positive signs that everything might work out. 0 0. She said I love it. This girl reads the message leaves me on seen and then replies. Girls keep their business private when they think they might have a chance with you. If she greets you through text in another language (in german or french)? Starting the conversation with the topic of hanging out. We text a lot and sometimes she texts GIPHYs or stickers on Instagram. . Also Question: If she face times you a lot does that mean she likes you? She'll give you advice. Thunder Take Out Britons Behind Strong Start. Like Dislike. These things are circumstantial. Very late with long replies. You can sign in to vote the answer. That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet."

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