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Daphne Bridgerton and her mother, Violet Bridgerton, attend to needlepoint in their drawing room. How does his shirt come off? Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Then we broke it down into shapes, wildness and tameness. The ‘Bridgerton’ Costume Designers Colored Outside the Lines to Create a Unique Regency Look Ellen Mirojnick and John Glaser took Regency silhouettes, colors, and designs for both the women and men of 'Bridgerton' — and completely turned it all on its head. From the very first reading of the show’s outline, she and her co-designers John Glaser and John Norster knew their task was going to be on a grand scale — both in scope and look — but Mirojnick and Glaser had worked with Shondaland previously on the period romance Still Star-Crossed, so they were up for the challenge. “When we make [costume] choices, we hope everyone kind of understands that we are visual storytellers,” the costume expert revealed, noting that heroine Daphne Bridgerton’s (Phoebe Dynevor) color palette changes throughout the show to reflect her fading innocence. Her personal essays can be read in the Los Angeles Times and Longreads. JOHN GLASER: It’s so true. And people have actually applauded it. The Costume Designers Guild has revealed the nominees for its 23rd annual CDG Awards for film, TV and shortform. And during that time surrounding the Napoleonic Wars, there was a shortage of luxurious fabrics, mostly silk, so designers used muslin and cotton. Is it easy for his trousers to drop? I think it worked all very fluidly. This latest period-drama sensation is a frothy fantasy full of embellished ball gowns, extravagant jewellery and feathered headdresses. While Netflix has yet to officially confirm a second season of “Bridgerton,” it’s safe to say viewers are hungry for more. We've received your submission. Privacy Notice Bridgerton costume designer Ellen Mirojnick talks about her research process, a fictionalized version of the Regency era, and the beauty of the heaving bosom. There’s something psychological about the bonnet that would never have worked in this show. John and I really don’t like getting that call halfway through saying we need to pull back, and that never came. Bridgerton's Costume Designer Reveals How Dior and Chanel Inspired a Modern Regency Wardrobe. There’s hardly anything with a hard line — it’s all illusion and visual magic. That was the emphasis of the woman’s body at the time, your eye went directly to the top of her décolletage. The men are dandies and that’s always fun to do because of the color combinations, the fabric combinations and the textures are very bold — they’re roguish and handsome at the same time. Costume designer Ellen Mirojnic is behind the opulent gowns and headpieces seen on the Bridgerton clan and their cohorts in this alternate-universe version of 19th-century high society London. Your California Privacy Rights In the weeks since the show’s release, “regencycore” corsets and dresses have reportedly begun trending. VV: What was the approach for the color palette for the two families? They shield the face; they instantly make everybody seem precious or old. It’s always by color, shape and adornment. I think that in one of the conversations I had with producer Betsy Beers and Chris we were thinking about colors like a sorbet, and also French macaron colors. “He still has his own style and his own independent point of view, but it [becomes] a little bit more married into the time that we are living in through the story.”. If we had all of those people and they were not as talented, it would have been a mess and a nightmare. There’s so much contradiction between these two families, so we looked at how we could bring them together and how we could separate them. Mr. Pearl did that perfectly for all the girls. 250,052, This story has been shared 64,587 times. They were half corsets, not going all the way to the waist, just sitting under the bust, and they have to have a cup in them that’s different from a Victorian corset, which molds the body to give it a tiny waist — like 19 inches. She discusses how her team spent five and a half months making 7500 costumes for principle characters and extras on set. Your Ad Choices VV: What else did you do with fabrics and color and design to modernize the look? VV: What was the creative thinking behind not using any bonnets? Get Your First Look at Shondaland's 'Bridgerton', Bridgerton Cast Questionnaire: Golda Rosheuvel, ‘Bridgerton’ Cast Questionnaire: Jonathan Bailey. This story has been shared 250,052 times. That in itself is just words, but then when you put images to those colors it is so exhilarating. However, as the costume expert pointed out, some of the show’s most stirring scenes also relied on more subtle “choreography.”, “What’s really, really lovely, where you really don’t see anything but you actually feel a lot, is when they’re together and all he does is lift her skirt … that is just sexy unto itself, without really seeing the undergarments.”. There was a similar premise for dressing the cast of Bridgerton. EM: The second part was that we had to shift the color palette. ELLEN MIROJNICK: One hundred percent. Over the course of the season, his steamy scenes required the costume team to consider not only how the characters dress, but also how they undress. When Chris wrote about the Featheringtons, he used acidic colors — lime green, lemon yellow, orange — and so that was a very clear indication of what we needed to do. The enormity of the production lay partly in the fact that they essentially had to clothe the whole of London in 1813. We basically painted the show. The show’s creator and showrunner Chris Van Dusen had a very specific vision in mind for the Regency-era romantic drama based on the New York Times best-selling book series by Julia Quinn, and Mirojnick fell in-step immediately by taking the Regency silhouette for both women and men, and completely turning it on its head. Ahead of its Christmas Day release, Emmy Award-winning costume designer Ellen Mirojnick talks us through the series’ showstopping outfits. 11 December 2020 by Kara Kia. The costume designer estimated that the principal characters alone required roughly a thousand pieces. It was a gift from the gods. The characters wear their finest clothes and jewelry in every episode. “In the rain scene, we see her garment come off and that corset was specifically designed for that … there’s more color and there’s more detail in that particular corset than the one that she wears every day,” she continued. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Meet 'Bridgerton' Script Supervisor Helena Jung, Inside 'Bridgerton': The Set of Clyvedon Village, What to Expect from the ‘Bridgerton' Podcast, The ‘Bridgerton’ x Phenomenal Sweatshirt Collab, 'Bridgerton' Principal Costumer Jessica Phillips, Introducing 'Bridgerton: The Official Podcast', 'Bridgerton' 2nd Sound Assistant Elizabeth King, Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist Wayne Fitzsimmons, Get Ready for 'Bridgerton: The Official Podcast'. But we just kind of forgot about that. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights In Bridgerton, the use of color was an important way to both acknowledge the past, but to also draw in a modern audience. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. With the Bridgertons, who are sublime, clean, classic and beautiful, it was all about the blue. With a large ensemble cast, it’s impressive to hear that Mirojnick created specific costumes for each of the principal players, from Daphne Bridgerton to Penelope Featherington. From the “audaciousness of the Featheringtons” to the Queen’s ever-changing silhouettes, the stars of the show all “flipped out and loved” their looks. The show's central character, Daphne Bridgerton, had over one hundred costume changes, so it's easy to see how quickly those costume pieces add up. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. But nobody was wearing a bonnet on a Shondaland show. “It’s a careful choreography that needs to be paid attention to. And by virtue of that, there’s a softness to it. 2021 Costume Designers Guild Awards: 'Mank,' 'Da 5 Bloods' and 'Bridgerton' Among Full List of Nominees By Desiree Murphy‍ 9:30 AM PST, March 4, 2021 Netflix EM: Everything really does go back to the Shondaland esthetic. And you could see the flow of the styles. DMX believed to be in grave condition after overdose, heart attack, Megxit revelation casts doubt on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle interview claim, Madonna poses topless in nothing but jewelry, Sharon Osbourne appears in great spirits after massive payout from 'The Talk', Celebrities send love to DMX after reported overdose, heart attack, Heather Gay declares 'it's been quite a week' amid Jen Shah arrest drama, As pandemic wanes, Jill Zarin’s mask empire pivots to loungewear. Early on, we made a look book that combined images of historical references, high fashion and Shondaland — it was a way to keep everybody in the entire crew and cast on the same page and to give a feeling of the look without defining each character. The rich jewel tones, embellished necklines, and … She has written for The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and Variety, among others, and contributes to Shondaland.com regularly. So, we decided on that Regency silhouette, which would be constant in both the male and female characters, and from there we used every single fabric we could find and every color, nothing was excluded at all. When they came to us, we said from the get-go that this was no small affair, and we needed a lot of resources. Also, enjoy the video featurette below that reveals the massive undertaking of dressing Bridgerton. 14,754, This story has been shared 9,008 times. Would you wear Lizzo’s butt-baring cutout dress? From bodice-ripping sex scenes to orchestral Ariana Grande songs, Netflix’s “Bridgerton” is definitely not your mother’s period piece. Maia Soltis, a junior in CFA studying costume design, said despite “Bridgerton”’s wardrobe straying from historical accuracy, she did not think it distracted from the performance but rather drew attention to the story. VV: You were able to get Mr. Pearl, the famous corset couturier. “I was given the pilot script which ended up being our basis for the logistics, and the creative decisions happened more organically as we began to create the costumes,” says Mirojnick, whose two-story warehouse headquartered about 100 cutters, hands, embellishers, embroiderers, tailors, sewers, dyers, milliners and jewelry makers, all of whom worked together to create the confectionary costume look of Bridgerton. His first wife, Empress Josephine, followed that style and the British took their fashion sense from Paris; that’s how it influenced London’s look.

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