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Israeli TV Spy Thriller ‘Tehran’ Flouts Ster... China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Has Mixed Results. Rapprochement also reflects generational change, an annoyance with the lingering hatreds of the past. Because this is referenced in the trailer as well as in Apple’s promotional material for the series, it’s not spoiling anything to reveal that in the first moments of Episode 1 (titled Emergency Landing in Tehran), the tech wizards in Israel’s Mossad have partially borked a commercial airline flight on the way to India. MN. To wit: The Israelis had everything ready to go. Everyone thought this impossible thing was being set in motion and about to go off without a hitch. And they’re increasingly finding that interest returned. Cast & Crew. This Apple TV+ series easily filled the Homeland-sized hole in my life, and, in my opinion, is actually an improvement in many ways over Showtime’s much-celebrated hit series. To israelske backpackere svetter. Created by Dana Eden, Maor Kohn, Omri Shenhar. The show is about a Mossad agent who goes undercover for a … Straight out of a Marvel comic book, leaders of both countries paint each other as diabolical founts of irredeemable evil. Recommended age: +16. Likewise, whenever novelists like Daniel Silva, David Ignatius, and John le Carre — all masters of the spy thriller genre — release something new, that book is in my hands on day one. Elle est excellente, comme le sont très souvent les productions israéliennes. For helt siden Israel lagde seriene Homeland og In Treatment ble basert på, har landet vært en viktig aktør i global serieproduksjon. Med Teheran holder de koken. The cost of doing business with Beijing has risen sharply and swiftly. Needless to say, they freak out silently. Answering the door with a look of haunted shock is her old Aunt Arezoo, who had stayed behind in Tehran with a Muslim husband when the rest of her Jewish family fled the country decades before. They start. Eventually, an airline employee walks over to them, calmly explaining that they both have to get up. Yet the region’s realities are dramatically shifting, as the U.S.-brokered peace deals aptly illustrate. The U.N. dials up the pressure campaign against Myanmar’s putschists. The camera turns back inside. Teheran, la serie di spionaggio esce su Apple Tv+. Tamar und Milad kehren nach Teheran zurück und erpressen ihren Kontakt im Elektrizitätsunternehmen. Everything is going to be fine. Apple cede alle serie TV israeliane assicurandosi un nuovo ed attesissimo thriller: Tehran. Téhéran, Apple TV + Series: personnages, saisons, chapitres et plus 29 septembre 2020 Matt Mills Autre 0 Téhéran, également connue sous le nom de Téhéran par son nom anglais, n'est pas seulement la capitale de l'Iran, mais aussi le titre de l'une des séries les plus prometteuses sur Extraits De TV +. Though the series focuses attention on Persian Jews, other Jewish communities in Israel are examining their own past in the Muslim world. Overall, I found Tehran to be taut and utterly thrilling, while also not being overly violent or disturbing. Our hacker, incognito, is seated on the plane beside a handler as the first episode gets under way. While Iran has been Israel’s implacable enemy for more than 40 years, the Tehran spy series pushes back against the idea that adversaries are destined to hate each other. As their grandparents who bear the trauma and bitterness of fleeing Arab persecution die out, younger Israelis without the emotional baggage are developing relationships with their neighbors—often online but also through personal encounters in the youth hostels of Asia, Europe, and South America. After a summer marked by the blurring of fiction and reality, the series offers a veiled nudge for Israelis to find common ground with a new generation in Iran. De vet at de ikke er ønsket i Iran. There is another, deeper reason that Tehran—with its nuanced, sometimes humorous, and often moving portrayal of Israeli-Iranian connections—has struck such a chord in Israel. Countries that once expelled their Jewish citizens are taking tentative steps toward reestablishing connections. How Far Will the Ethiopian-Eritrean Alliance Go. Yet the largest ethnic group in Israel today is Mizrahi Jews, whose parents or grandparents fled from the Middle East or North Africa, just like the family of the main character in Tehran. With Niv Sultan, Shaun Toub, Menashe Noy, Shervin Alenabi. It’s often unclear who’s outsmarting whom. Israel is suspected to have been behind the blasts but has neither accepted nor denied it. Leonine und Constantin Film, ... Bisher das beste an Dichte, Schauplätzen usw, von Apple TV kam. An Israeli-produced series debuting on Apple TV Plus, “Tehran” is a show that looks at Iran through an alternately adversarial and nostalgic lens. The series is written by Zonder and Omri Shenhar and directed by Daniel Syrkin. Neu auf Apple TV+. This cannot be happening. Yet I’ve seen places in Israel with more of an Islamic vibe than the Tehran presented here, which feels pretty much like any large Western city. Down the jet bridge. Let’s get my verdict out of the way early: If you’re like me, put Tehran into your must-watch rotation. Niv Sultan Tamar Rabinian. Actors Niv Sultan and Shervin Alenabi talk about how their show has been able to influence opinion and change perception in the aftermath of its airing The girl throws up. The government has commissioned a monumental interfaith center in Abu Dhabi housing a mosque, church, and synagogue. W pierwszym sezonie zobaczymy osiem odcinków. Nuances don’t seem to exist in public dialogue between Israel and Iran. I won’t spoil the rest, but suffice it to say that this one interaction sets the rest of the events in the 8-episode series into motion. The sudden fascination even with an archenemy such as Iran is a true turnaround for Israeli society, whose national identity has long been wedded to the idea of being a civilized island of Western democracy in a savage Middle East. Even today, as the two countries regard each other as mortal enemies, about 10,000 Jews live in Iran as an officially protected minority, down from 80,000 in the 1940s. They’re both Israeli. Tehran (TV Series 2020– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The two Israeli kids haven’t moved. When the Mossad spy and computer hacker Tamar Rabinyan slips into Iran on a mission to help demolish its nuclear program, she’s on familiar ground. EXCLUSIVE: Apple TV+ has renewed its first non-English-language original series, Israeli espionage thriller drama Tehran, for a second season. More from Apple TV+. Una agente del Mossad se embarca en su primera misión como hacker en su pueblo natal de Teherán. Neither one saying a word. But the Biden administration still faces an unreliable ally in Duterte. Teheran startet auf Apple TV+, ... wie u.a. They’re just two regular Israeli kids, supposed to be on their way to vacation. Slowly, the two kids gather their things. Le show vaut-il le coup d’œil ? I’m currently working my way through True Spies, for example, a podcast narrated by actresses Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby that offers just what the title suggests: A recounting of true stories from the lives of real spies, covering everything from the Cold War to the 2000s-era War on Terror. In turn, she manipulates him to help crack Iran’s aerial defense system and clear the way for an Israeli attack. Photo: Apple TV+ What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Pierwsze trzy odcinki serialu będą dostępne w dniu premiery, a potem w każdy piątek ukazywać się będzie jeden odcinek. You’ll see. Teheran (TV-Serie, 2020) Die Mossad-Agentin und Hackerin Tamar soll unter falscher Identität im Iran einen Kernreaktor zerstören. The Jewish state is about to play a much bigger role in the region’s energy trade and petroleum politics. The unabashedly entertaining Apple TV+ series, which follows a young female operative in Iran, is a departure from the gritty, manly espionage dramas Israel is known for, like “Fauda.” Under the main story arc of an epic Israeli assault against Iran’s nuclear reactor, the television drama is animated by botched elements of basic spycraft, ill-advised romantic entanglements, and a mental chess game between the opposing intelligence agency chiefs. Kadosh versucht, Gorev von Tamars neuem Plan zu überzeugen. Andy is a reporter in Memphis who also contributes to outlets like Fast Company and The Guardian. Israeli TV Spy Thriller ‘Tehran’ Flouts Stereotypes About Iran Apple TV+ premieres series by the director of “Homeland” that captivated Israelis this summer. Apple is preparing to enter thriller territory with “Tehran,” one of Apple TV+’s first forays into the genre. Tehran is hardly the first television drama to focus on how Israel’s intelligence agencies operate in the Muslim world. There’s no way I, as an American, could get myself up out of that seat. In terms of the cast, the show stars a young Israeli actress named Niv Sultan (Flawless, She Has It, Temporarily Dead), critically acclaimed actor Shaun Toub (Homeland, Crash), international star Navid Negahban (Homeland, Legion, Aladdin), Shervin Alenabi (Baghdad in My Shadow), Liraz Charhi (A Late Quartet) and Menashe Noy (Big Bad Wolves, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem). The best espionage thrillers, in my opinion, balance a fascinating look at the tradecraft we don’t get to see — a glimpse of the secret world behind the curtain, as it were – mixed with the randomness of ordinary life. Et fly fra Jordan til India må brått lande i Teheran. A guy and a girl, she wearing a sporty jacket, headphones around her neck and a shirt that says “Awesome” in bright letters. Recent reports claimed Apple is developing a new Apple TV remote dubbed "B519," though that particular device appears to be third-party hardware designed for use by cable companies. Apple TV+ on Friday will debut the first three episodes of a new espionage thriller series called Tehran. Trailer. Shaped by decades of war and hostility, this view that Israel isn’t really a part of the region also reflected the fact that the country’s founding elite of Ashkenazi Jews came largely from Europe. Hoffe dass das so bleibt die nächsten Folgen. Actress Niv Sultan, shown in a scene from the new Apple TV+ espionage thriller series "Tehran. Vis mer . A Mossad agent embarks on her first mission as … Business, government, and personal ties are growing, and peace among historical enemies—or at least a growing normalization—is in the air. In fact, the series is the latest in an immensely successful Hollywood ecosystem spawned by the Israeli producer Gideon Raff, who created Showtime’s Emmy-winning Homeland and the Israeli original on which it is loosely based. SA. The series was created by Zonder, Dana Eden, and Maor Kohn, and it was directed by Daniel Syrkin. I quickly surmised that this was a cover in order to insert the heroine of Tehran, an Israeli hacker named Tamar, into the city, where she’ll work quietly to perform a dangerous mission that I don’t want to say too much about. Everything will be fine. Sacha Baron Cohen starred last year in The Spy, another Raff series co-produced by Netflix that tells the true-life story of the Egyptian-born Mossad agent Eli Cohen, who penetrated the highest echelons of the Syrian government before his 1965 public hanging in a Damascus square. But not to worry — just a quick changing of planes in Tehran, and then everyone will be back in the sky and on their way. Omri Shenhar serves as writer alongside Zonder. If the home audience in Israel wasn’t already intrigued, the TV series had some uncanny real-life echoes when it aired in July at the same time as a string of explosions rocked Iran’s assembly plant for nuclear centrifuges in Natanz and other sites across the country. And then a handful of serious-looking Iranian agents steps from around the corner and into view, demanding their passports. Tehran (Hebrew: טהרן‎) is an Israeli espionage thriller television series created by Moshe Zonder for the Israeli public channel Kan 11. Niv Sultan in the role of Tamar Rabinian. I’m pretty addicted to the spy genre, just to get that out of the way first. Chased in the Israeli television thriller Tehran through the Iranian capital’s gritty alleys and markets, the young agent ducks into a safe house that her bosses in Tel Aviv know nothing about. ... Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. The series is about the Israeli–Iranian conflict. TV Review | New Israeli Spy Thriller 'Tehran' Is Even Better Than 'Fauda' The main protagonist is brilliant, the script is more intelligent than most of those you've seen in similar shows lately and Apple TV has bought it. At the appointed time, the voice of the captain comes over the speakers, telling passengers that there’s been a mechanical problem. That visceral connection comes across in Tehran during a kitchen scene when the Israeli spy, returning to her birthplace, confidently scoops luscious handfuls of minced lamb, scallions, rice, and mint leaves from a bowl. This doesn’t seem to be far off of any spy or military thriller, from Homeland to 21 to Fauda , which Tehran co-creator Moshe Zonder worked on. ST. Shaun Toub Faraz Kamali. And now, somehow, they’ve landed and found themselves literally on Iranian soil, about to be hauled off to God knows where. To them, the Arab-Israeli wars are ancient history. Iran’s leaders provide plenty of material to make Israelis believe their threats, parading laser-guided missiles through the streets of Tehran in the annual Quds Day rally and leading chants that promise to liberate Jerusalem from the Zionist enemy. Gode råd blir dyre for hvordan komme seg ut av det lukkede, og statskontrollerte, landet. To them, and to viewers in the rest of the world, it suggests that even the most unthinkable of alliances could lie somewhere on the horizon. The first three episodes of Tehran appear on Apple TV+ on September 25, after which the remaining five episodes will debut each week, on Friday. The geeks had done their trickery sufficient to get the plane to land where they need it to, in Tehran. Apple a lancé Téhéran, une série d'espionnage sur sa plateforme Apple TV Plus. I’m currently working my way through, Today’s best deals: $60 2K camera drone, $2 smart plugs, $7 LED smart bulbs, $19 headphones, 20% off coffee pods, more, Let’s get my verdict out of the way early: If you’re like me, put, At any rate, back to those first few moments of, I quickly surmised that this was a cover in order to insert the heroine of, Slowly, the two kids gather their things. They are literally frozen in their seats, both staring straight ahead. Den opprinnelige planen ender i kaos, drap og den iranske etterretningstjenesten på nakken til Tamara, i tillegg stoler hun ikke lenger på sine egne. Down the jet bridge. Executive producers include Zonder, Eden, Shula Spiegel, Alon Aranya, Julien Leroux, Peter Emerson and Eldad Koblenz, and the show was produced by Donna and Shula Productions in association with Paper Plane Productions, with the participation of Cineflix Rights and Cosmote TV. Some 140,000 Israelis trace their roots to Iran, including an ex-president, a former army chief of staff, and a small constellation of pop stars. ", For the first ten minutes or so of the new, I’m pretty addicted to the spy genre, just to get that out of the way first. Tehran is created by Moshe Zonder, Dana Eden & Maor Kohn and stars Niv … For obvious reasons, the show was unable to film in Iran, instead opting for Athens. At a White House ceremony this month, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed normalization deals with Israel and agreed to develop what its leaders said would be a warm relationship. I den virkelig verden, som på film, er det sjelden alt går eksakt etter boken. Today’s Israelis are looking at their region with fresh eyes and renewed interest, which helps explain both the series’s success and why its nuanced take on Iran would have been unlikely just a few years ago. Some, such as Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia, are resurrecting abandoned synagogues and seeking ways to promote Muslim-Jewish dialogue. Navid Negahban Masoud Tabrizi. The first season of hit Israeli espionage drama ‘Tehran’ has just concluded on Apple TV, but fans are wondering if and when the series will return for season 2. Du finner knapt bedre spenning enn dette i strømmeabonnementene dine. Género: Serie de TV | Sinopsis: Serie de TV (2020-). Kudos to Israel's Kan broadcaster for its new drama series Of all the improbable plot twists that captivated Israelis this summer through the series’s eight episodes on the Israeli Public Broadcasting network, finding sanctuary with a long-lost Iranian relative may have been the most plausible. Molding the mixture spiced with cardamom into perfect koofteh, or Persian meatballs, Rabinyan bonds over the family recipe with her deeply conflicted aunt and inadvertently exposes herself to scrutiny from the Iranian secret police, who have been tracking her from the day she landed at Imam Khomeini International Airport disguised as a flight attendant. Bár ezek a sorozatok nyilvánvalóan nem propaganda céllal készültek, ezt a hatást cseppet sem kellene lebecsülni. Lo show creato da Moshe Zonder si è rivelato fin da subito un gran successo in Israele, dove va in onda sulla rete nazionale Kan 11. Production companies: Donna Productions, Shula Spiegel Productions, Paper Plane Productions, Cineflix Rights and Kan 11. For the first ten minutes or so of the new Apple TV+ original spy series Tehran — which debuts on the streaming service this Friday, September 25 — there’s not a lot that happens in the way of action, yet I found myself hardly able to breathe. The UAE never had an indigenous Jewish population but has enthusiastically encouraged expatriate Jews to lay down roots, rebranding itself through a doctrine of tolerance. Making, In terms of the cast, the show stars a young Israeli actress named Niv Sultan (, Apple partnered with Cineflix Rights and Israeli network Kan 11 to co-produce, This Android app spreads malware, so delete it right now if you have it, If you got stimulus checks in 2020, you might’ve made a big mistake that needs to be fixed, If you take any of these supplements, throw them out now, Guess who wins the brand loyalty fight between iPhone and Android, If you have a Roku player and see this message, report it right away, Wirelessly charge all your Apple gadgets with one 3-in-1 wireless charging station, These 10 Amazon deals are special because only Prime members can get them, Amazon sale gets you a pair of pro studio-quality Mackie speakers for just $120, Last chance to get a 2K camera drone that folds up as small as a smartphone for just $70, slowly growing Apple TV+ inventory of content, This might be why ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ was delayed, Apple just did something with iOS that Google could never do with Android, Leak says WhatsApp is getting the feature you’ve wanted the most. Stock aerial footage grounds the action inside the Iranian capital while scenes filmed by the Israeli production company in Athens present a rough approximation of downtown Tehran. And, I should add, it is almost exclusively about espionage — it’s not, as we saw with Homeland, a series filled with the over-the-top misadventures and relationship drama of its main characters while it also, oh yeah, happens to be a spy show as well. Concerns about the efficacy of Sinovac and Sinopharm has dented their reputation, even among allies of Beijing. And then … two Israeli teenagers board the plane at the last minute. Out of the cabin. shuffling down the aisle of the now-empty plane. Quattro mesi dopo il lancio di Teheran, Apple TV+ ha annunciato il rinnovo della serie TV per una seconda stagione.. Celebs. (FILMAFFINITY) Estreno en Apple TV+: 25 septiembre 2020. Jonathan H. Ferziger is a Jerusalem-based non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and a former Middle East correspondent for Bloomberg News. Apple partnered with Cineflix Rights and Israeli network Kan 11 to co-produce Tehran. Als die Mission scheiert, sitz sie in ihrem neuen Leben fest und muss eine Operation planen, die alle, die ihr nahestehen, in Gefahr bringt. En diffusion dès aujourd'hui sur Apple TV+, Téhéran est une série d'espionnage israélienne efficace et haletante qui n'est pas sans rappeler Homeland.

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