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Dear Eunice, Good day. Dear Lauren, Good day. The APEC card holder can apply for the certificate of entry from the Thai Embassy. please tell me the procedure how can i get a dependent visa for entry in to thailand, also please inform how many days does the procedure take for me to get the dependent visa. Dear Shine, Good day. Foreigners do not need any embassy letter to be granted the automatic visa extension due to COVID 19. Consider the Thai Elite Visa program. Thailand Travelers can now apply for tourist visas (TRV) or for special tourist visas (STV) again. Yes, it is possible to change to Non O visa within the country especially in Bangkok. Regards Kevin. To get COE for my wife-do she have to do insurance? Thank you. Most foreign nationals are still banned from entering Thailand (for exceptions please see the “Country Specific Information” below). You can apply for tourist visa and the COE from the Thai Embassy in Cairo Egypt. You can only enter Thailand by AIR. Get in touch now and get started on your business or company registration application. Hey, Is it possible to apply for a course and then apply for an education visa and enter Thailand during the current restrictions? Thank you. I am a citizen of Russia. If you will be attending a university, it will be easy to apply for the education visa from the Thai Embassy in Manila as well as the Certificate of Entry. Will there be any repatriation flight for 10th January 2021? Thank you. Thank you. You may also consult the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Press Releases and Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Siam Legal International, Two Pacific Place Building, 18th Floor, Unit 1806, 142 Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110. Dear Sam, Good day. Does the fit to fly letter have to clearly state I don’t have any symptoms etc? Dear Chen, Good day. Thank you. Get in touch with us now and get started on your Thai visa application. For the application for the COE, please check this page: Thank you. Have a good day. Your email address will not be published. And I am thinking about visiting Thailand at the beginning of next year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Thailand due to COVID-19. You just have to make sure that you have obtained a COE Certificate of Entry, purchased COVID-19 Insurance, you had a COVID 19 test and you will undergo a mandatory ASQ quarantine. The best solution for this is to avoid overstaying so that you will not get in trouble in the future. Thank you. The Thai embassy in Malaysia has removed the issuance of the TRV and the STV since Malaysia has been moved from low risk to medium risk country. Rex my friend ask in nepal thai embassy regarding STV visa they replied still not got any information regarding this . You can also apply for the Certificate of Entry based on your new non immigrant B visa and current work permit. Can I travel to Thailand if I am a Filipino citizen? Thanks. In order to be be allowed to enter they will need to be covered by one of the general exemptions mentioned on this website, or they need to bring a new kind of residence status which only UK citizens can apply for, or to physically or electronically document that they have applied for residence status. Foreigners who hold Certificate Permanent Residence including their spouses and children. All queries regarding Certificate of Entry (COE) and Visa will be answered via email only. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is the biggest point of entry to Thailand and therefore, train stations, ports and airports receive many visitors daily. What does she need to have to return home? Thank you. This includes “having no appropriate means of living on entering the Kingdom”. I regret to inform you that we are not a travel agent or airline so we do not have the list. In Bangkok, commuters are required to wear a face mask when using public transportation. Hola, soy tailandesa y me encuentro en España con visado de turismo hasta el 4diciembre. I am applying COE for employment basis. Can you please advise if STV or TR is a possible option for our situation? If you need recommendation, you may check Pacific Cross Insurance Company in Bangkok. Because we have not enough money to pay that hotel fee for 14 days. Protests have occurred in Bangkok and other areas of Thailand. could you help me please, im malaysia citizen, need to enter thailand bcoz business purpose but i dont have working permit, my situasion like below. Thank you so much for taking time to answer all of our, questions! Tajikistan: The government of Tajikistan has imposed a ban on foreigners until further notice. IE: are they granting these visas at the moment? It is the visa relief or 60-day visa extension for all foreign nationals staying in Thailand affected by the COVID-19 crisis as announced by the government on May 29, 2021. You can extend your current extension for 30 days at your local immigration office. Please call the Thai consulate in Mumbai to know why your visa has been denied. Copy of the valid non-immigrant visa or extension of stay based on the Non-immigrant visa. You may apply for the STV or Thailand Special Tourist Visa in Wellington. Dear Sangeeta, Good day. The Thai Special Tourist Visa or STV is not available in Nepal. They are not even specifying. Yes, you may require a travel visa for Thailand depending on your nationality. Dear Andre, Good day. If you are traveling to Thailand, please visit Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health’s website; from here you will find Thailand Ministry of Public Health travel advisories and other useful information. You need to change your APEC entry stamp into Non Immigrant B visa inside Thailand and apply for Work Permit. If so would there be a possibility for me to post all required documents to the Royal Thai Embassy in Wellington? 2.) This has been a major setback for me with my business plans. Since the visa on arrival has been canceled, you are required to secure a tourist visa prior to your trip to Thailand. Dear Izah, Good day. You may download our Free Guide on How to Enter Thailand on this link: Thank you. 1. And Thailand is now imposing its own restrictions, requiring 14-day quarantine for visitors from some countries, a list that may well expand. Is it ok? which visa should i apply? Where do you best recommend to look for updates on countries allowed STV? Dear Rosh, Good day. We are not the Thai Consulate in Chennai. Can we travel to Thailand in April 2021. Yes, this has been confirmed since the beginning of November. I am currently in quarantine and have read that from April 1st quarantine rules will be relaxed. CLICK HERE. Dear Omkar, The visa was issued and must be used within 3 months. Dear Hadas, Good day. Insurance for 100000 usd covering covid for 1 year. Is there any agent in Japan that can help him to process the below so that he can travel from Japan to Bangkok? Dear Steve, Good day. It might happen to you also. With the flat pandemic curve and low level of community transmission Thailand is one the safest destinations to travel to now. I am in the UK and applying for an OA visa to hopefully enter Thailand in December. Thank you. Siam Legal offers you our comprehensive legal services aimed at ensuring you a hassle-free entry into Thailand's business market. Yes, your wife can come under the visa exemption scheme. A negative COVID-19 test no older than 72 hours is necessary to enter the country. I have not seen your statement allowing UK and USA visitors on any other sites. Thank you. For latest information on How to Travel to Thailand in 2021, please check HERE! Yes I have Non B immigrant visa. 2522 (1979), foreigners who fall into any of the 11 categories are prohibited to enter Thailand. Required fields are marked *. Appreciate your valuable input please. Dear Arin, Good day. Unfortunately, we do not have the information for visa issuance in the country of Latvia. I only attached the oneway flight confirmation for the flight to Thailand in the COE form. For leisure…. Please know that non-immigrant O retirement visa may not be qualified to apply for the certificate of entry, through this can be verified at the Thai embassy. to Thai Consulate in Mumbai. Obtain COE from Thai Embassy. Thanks Kim. Hello, I am from the U.S. Any information on when I can travel to Thailand ? You can come to Thailand being an APEC Card member, you do not need to apply for visa but you need to apply for the COE. You may check this page as your Guide for the Process: You may check this page also for the updates on travel restrictions for April 1, 2021 onwards: You are qualified to the visa exemption of 45 days and COE. Hello. If you are affected by this travel requirement, you may opt to postpone your travel or you may opt to book a flight that will not transit through Thailand. Siam Legal offers comprehensive legal services aimed at ensuring you a hassle-free entry and retirement in Thailand. Thank you. My father is a bristish resident and needs to travel to Thailand to see his daughter who is a Thai citizen. I am from Canada, can I apply for STV for long term tourism? Thank you. Thank you! However, Japan has continued to expanded the measures to the entirety of bo… By submitting this form, you accepted and agreed on our privacy policy and terms. Perhaps there is a discrepancy in the invitation letter or sponsorship letter. Thank you for your assistance. You may contact the CCSA in Thailand for that information. Hello, I keep finding references to a required “Fit To Fly” certificate, but can’t find that form. You still have to apply for the COE from the Thai Embassy. So I was hoping for another way. Can you enter Thailand now during the COVID-19 Crisis? What will be the itinerary so that I know where to apply for the COE and the application is done online and the COE will be issued to you by email. You need to obtain the 60-day Thai tourist visa from the nearest Thai embassy or location in your country of residence or nationality subject to consular fees and regulations of the said Thai embassy or consulate. I am from Latvia and I need to visit Bangkok for business purposes in approximately two weeks time. Such as Marriage visa, working visa, or non immigrant OA retirement visa (not the non immigrant O retirement) or Thai Elite visa? For the extension, you just have to submit one passport size photo (4cm x 6cm) with white background, TM6 card, TM30 receipt from your hotel, and pay the fee of 1,900 Thai baht. The STV or special tourist visa is not available in Mexico. Thank you. Dear Abhinav, Good day. U.S. – Thai Campaign Reduces Consumer Demand for Illegal Wildlife Products by More than Half; Leveraging U.S. Cybersecurity and Data Protection Expertise to Advance Thailand’s Digital Future; United States provides over $410,000 in ventilators and PPE to Thailand Ministry of Public Health 2. Hi can I now when will I receive my COE from embassy. An international law firm located in Bangkok, Thailand offering a comprehensive immigration and legal services for over 15 years. The main issue here now, is your current visa qualified to re-enter Thailand? You may also consult the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Press Releases and Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. As for the flights, you need to coordinate with the embassy to learn which flights have been permitted to land in Thailand/ Thank you. It is also good to know that there are banks that would not allow you to enter the premises if you have traveled recently abroad, so it is best to have your passport with you at all times. Wear a mask, practice social distancing and follow government restrictions. The test must be conducted no longer than 72 hours before the date of travel. What will be your flight to Thailand look like? Quiero saber si necesito el Certificado de entrada (COE) y el Certificado apto para volar emitido por la autoridad competente y el resultado de la prueba médica COVID-19. Thank you. Mandatory Quarantine for 14 days. You cannot get a visa just yet. Using APEC card to enter Thailand, how long can I stay in Thailand? Thanks. This certificate is also necessary at the airline’s check-in counter for a boarding pass to be issued. -Non Immigrant B or O visa for having a property such as condominium worth more than 3 million baht. Dear Simone, Good day. Foreigners who are students of formal educational institutions approved by Thai authorities, including the parents or guardians of the students. The Thai government and the UK government are highly recommending to cancel or postpone unnecessary travel to Thailand. However, this shall not include medical treatment for COVID–19. Are applications for Non-Immigrant OA or non-immigrant O accepted ? We’re unable to get opening date of Chennai (City in India) embassy for applying Non-B employment visa. They can choose the state quarantine which is free or they can choose the ASQ hotel which they have to pay on their own.

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